What is OKO?

OKO is a service for monitoring employees during their work at the computer, and analyzing and reporting of the collected data.

How does OKO work?

OKO is installed on employees' computers, collecting data in intervals and sending them to the OKO cloud server.

Where does OKO work?

OKO works over the internet around the entire world. It can monitor employees when they work in the office or remotely from their homes.

What information does OKO collect?

OKO collects information about mouse clicks and moves, key hits, and screenshots, as well as information about currently used applications (title, internet address).

Why so much information?

Out of that, you get automated projects monitoring. You can get accurate information about time spent on the projects in general or by specific employee.

What about employees?

You can compare quantity and quality of work of different employees. You'll see exact information about time spent at the computer down to the minute.

What I can do with such information?

You can award employees based on facts instead of feelings. OKO will give to you clear and understandable charts.

What else will I get?

OKO gives you the opportunity to monitor performance changes during this time. Based on data collected, you can easily get clear and understandable charts, showing variation during this time.

Is it legal?

Your company has right to control employees. If you have any doubts, contact your counselor.

Is my data safe?

No compromises on data safety. Transmission to OKOAPP servers is encrypted with SSL protocol. We store screenshots on highly secured AWS S3 servers.