Affiliate program - Rules and regulations

Dnia: 2020-06-12

General provisions

  1. The organizer of the affiliate program is Mariusz Stefaniak IT Specialist, streetKrańcowa 12, 63-004 Tulce, VAT PL7771843013, National Business Registry Number: 300989250, hereinafter referred to as MSSI or OKOAPP.
  2. The goal of the affiliate program is for OKOAPP to increase the sales volume of OKOAPP's services.
  3. The affiliate program is addressed to OKOAPP Users (specified in terms of use) who, after accepting these regulations, obtain Affiliate status.
  4. The affiliate program allows the Affiliate to obtain remuneration for successful recommendation of OKOAPP's services to potential OKOAPP clients.
  5. The OKOAPP customer is any entity that uses the OKOAPP website. A potential customer is an entity that is not and was not an OKOAPP customer.
  6. An effective recommendation is considered to be such action that leads to the potential customer buying OKOAPP services for a minimum of one employee for a minimum of one month.
  7. An effective recommendation results in paying the Affiliate remuneration in the form specified in these regulations for each sale of OKOAPP services to a recommended customer.
  8. The recommendation is carried out on the terms set out in these regulations.
  9. All information about the affiliate program: these rules and regulations, sales statistics, technical information and others are forwarded to Affiliate via the website

Participation in the program

  1. Participation in the Affiliate Program is voluntary and does not involve the payment of any fees.
  2. Any entity that has created an account at OKOAPP or is an OKOAPP customer can be an affiliate. MSSI reserves the right to select and verify Affiliates who could participate in the Program. Partners, board members, proxies and MSSI employees can't participate in the affiliate program.
  3. The entity obtains Affiliate status by accepting the Rules and Regulations when registering an OKOAPP account, which also means joining the Program.
  4. The affiliate is required to provide true identification data. The affiliate bears full responsibility for providing incorrect identification data, in particular those related to the inability to provide the services stipulated in the Rules and Regulations.
  5. The affiliate has the ability to view and change their data through their Partner Account.
  6. MSSI reserves the right to verify the correctness of the Partner's identification data by checking their correctness by phone or sending an application sent electronically to provide a scanned version of the Partner's identification documents. In the absence of confirmation within 7 days from the date of sending the application by MSSI or incorrect confirmation, MSSI has the right to close the Affiliate's account.

Recommendation of services

  1. The recommendation of OKOAPP services is made by providing the Prospective Customer with a Referral Link or by means of personal contacts
  2. Referral link
    1. The referring Link can be forwarded in any way, in particular by: sending in an e-mail, sending in a text message, publishing on social networks (e.g. "Facebook"), publishing on a website, blog, etc.
    2. At the time of clicking the Referrer Link, a cookie file identifying the Affiliate who recommended the OKOAPP services is placed in the browser of the Referred Customer, if their system allows it.
    3. The cookie file is valid for 30 days.
    4. If the Referred Customer uses the services of OKOAPP (registers on the website) through a web browser in which a cookie assigned to a given Affiliate has been placed, this recommendation will be assigned to this Affiliate and will be visible on his Account.
  3. Personal Contacts
    1. The affiliate may, via personal contacts (verbally) provide the Potential client with information on OKOAPP.
    2. In such a situation, the Affiliate may use the account on the OKOAPP website to provide the OKOAPP with the e-mail address or VAT number of the Potential customer.
    3. The e-mail addresses / VAT numbers entered are valid for 30 days.
    4. If during the period of validity of the entered data, the referral customer registers the account on the OKOAPP website by providing the email address or VAT number entered by the Affiliate, this recommendation will be assigned to this Affiliate and will be visible on his account.
  4. Affiliate Collision
    1. If OKOAPP services are referred to a potential customer by two Affiliates and the referral takes place by passing on the Referral Link, such customer (if he registers with OKOAPP) will be assigned to a second Affiliate.
    2. If a potential customer is referred through the Referral Link and by entering the email address / VAT number on the Affiliate's account, the Referral Link takes priority.


  1. The benefits of recommending OKOAPP services are paid to the Affiliate in cash as a percentage commission on all future amounts paid to OKOAPP by those clients who have been recommended by the Affiliate.
  2. The amount of commission depends on the total value of the amounts paid in a given month to OKOAPP by those clients who have been recommended by the Affiliate:
    1. Within three months of registering a user as an affiliate, the commission level is 30%.
    2. In the following months, the commission level is calculated on the basis of this table:
    3. Value of the payments Commission level
      From To
      > € 5000 30 %
      € 1000.00 € 4999.99 20 %
      € 500.00 € 999.99 15 %
      € 100.00 € 499.99 10 %
      € 0.00 € 99.99 5 %
    4. The table of commission levels may change.
  3. Due to the need to calculate the commission level, the commission value is calculated after the end of the month.
  4. If Affiliate uses the OKOAPP account for monitoring, the value of the commission may be reduced by the amounts due to OKOAPP for the providing monitoring services.
  5. The commission is paid to the Affiliate on the basis of an invoice which the Affiliate will issue to MSSI. The issued invoice will be forwarded to the MSSI in the form of a PDF file through OKOAPP. Invoices forwarded to MSSI in any other way will not be accepted by MSSI.
  6. The commission is paid to the Affiliate if the value of the Affiliate account after deductions is € 50 or more. Amounts less than € 50 are accumulated and can be withdrawn once the account has received the minimum amount accepted for withdrawal. Affiliate invoices less than € 50 will not be accepted.
  7. The commission is transferred to Affiliate as a PayPal transfer to the email address provided during user registration within 7 days after acceptance of the invoice by MSSI.
  8. If the PayPal transfer fails for any reason, or the money is returned, OKOAPP will inform the Affiliate about this fact by e-mail to the address provided during registration with a request to solve the problems. The next attempt to send the commission will take place after the end of the next month, provided that Affiliate declares that they have resolved the problem with their PayPal account.
  9. Remuneration for successful orders is due to the Affiliate who has an active Affiliate account at OKOAPP and only during this period.

Affiliate's rights and obligations

  1. Affiliates must comply with the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and this document, available at Affiliate must comply with the laws of the Affiliate country and the country in which they conduct promotional activities. Affiliate is completely accountable to the law for their actions.
  2. An affiliate cannot promote OKOAPP in a morally questionable way.
  3. Affiliate may provide clients and potential clients with information provided publicly by OKOAPP or officially provided to Affiliate by OKOAPP through the portal
  4. Affiliate may not provide clients or potential clients with false information, half-truths or any other information that could directly or in the long run damage OKOAPP's reputation. This applies especially, but not only to all information about future promotions, discounts, development plans, new functionalities - unless this information was officially provided by OKOAPP.
  5. Affiliate cannot send spam.

Final provisions

  1. The affiliate has the right to file a complaint regarding participation in the Program. The complaint should be sent to MSSI is required to respond to a complaint received within 14 business days of its receipt.
  2. The affiliate has the right to terminate participation in the program. For this purpose, please email Termination of participation in the Program does not limit the right to withdraw funds already accumulated.
  3. MSSI has the right to close an Affiliate account if it has not been active for a year (it has not acquired a new customer). Closing an inactive Affiliate's account does not limit the right to withdraw the accumulated funds.
  4. If the Affiliate does not comply with the provisions of these Rules and Regulations, MSSI has the right to exclude the Affiliate from the Program. In this situation, MSSI will provide the Affiliate with information about exclusion from the program via the email provided by the Affiliate when registering the account in the OKOAPP system. Exclusion from the program is tantamount to blocking access to the account in the OKOAPP system and prevents you from receiving remuneration for orders, including the withdrawal of accumulated funds.
  5. MSSI has the right to terminate the Program at any time through an announcement on its website. The announcement will indicate the program completion date, not shorter than 14 days. Completion of the Program does not limit the Affiliates' right to withdraw funds already accumulated.
  6. These regulations are a subordinate document to the Terms of use and Privacy Policy.
  7. These regulations can be changed at any time by placing a new version on the website In the event that the changes to the regulations are significant, Affiliates will be notified about the changes via e-mail. If the Affiliate does not accept the changes to the regulations, they have the right to send to OKOAPP at any time to close the Affiliate's account. The closing of the Affiliate's account as a result of changes in the regulations does not limit the right to withdraw the accumulated funds.

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